REA SYSTEMS – Billet & Slab Marking Solutions

Automated Traceability with Reliable Engineering

Mark alphanumeric text, Linear 1D Bar Codes and 2D DataMatrix codes onto hot billets & slabs clearly and accurately up to 2000°F/1100°C with REA SYSTEMS. 

With high visibility and uniform marking capabilities, this equipment is designed to reduce risks of traceability errors and inspection failures. 

Direct replacement for expensive metal tags that can fall off resulting in lost traceability or contamination of the rolling mill.

Key Advantages

  • ROI < 2 years
  • Uniform marking for automatic data capture via vision cameras
  • Fast cycle times and unrivaled flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Direct marking replacement for metal tags
  • Mark on the face, top or side of the billet/slab for high visibility, redundant markings

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