The Importance of Single-Use Plastic During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, single-use plastic has become more important than ever. It not only makes up a large part of the medical equipment hospitals use, it also helps protect doctors, nurses, medical staff, and patients. From ventilators to IV bags, to gloves, masks, and hospital gowns, single-use plastic products can be the difference between life and death for many. 

While COVID-19 forced many businesses to shut down, plastic resin and plastic product manufacturers were deemed essential and continue to provide critical resources to those in need. Not only do plastic manufacturers have to keep up with an increased demand for their products, they must ensure codes, labels, and dates are printed properly as the accuracy of this information is critical to health and safety.

That’s where REA JET can assist. While plastic manufacturers feel the strain of increased production, our printing technology can help by quickly and efficiently marking materials.
With hundreds of ink formulas and a diverse range of application options specifically for the plastic industry, we ensure plastic materials are clearly and precisely marked at a time when it matters most.