The Importance of a Marked Pallet

Within any industry, printing requirements come with their fair share of challenges. Yet this is perhaps doubly so in the pallet/wood industry. With a host of complex standards regarding coding and marking, especially for cross-border shipments, printing on wooden pallets can be exceedingly complicated. The equipment used to mark the materials should not add to the struggle. Fortunately, REA JET provides highly accurate printing technology for the forest products industry, and we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible.

From furniture to pallets, there are unique demands for printing on wood materials. The law mandates that traceability data, inspector ID, batch numbers, and more must be printed clearly and accurately, or else risk complications in shipping. For instance, the wood packaging materials on cross-border shipments must be properly treated, either by heat or chemically, and appropriately marked in order to pass inspection. Failure to pass inspection can mean denied entry and additional charges—costly and wasteful difficulties that can be easily avoided by clear, compliant printing. 

REA JET has a reliable selection of technology with coding capabilities used by the world’s best in the forest products industry. Specifically designed to operate perfectly under harsh conditions, our large-character and high-resolution inkjet printers exceed the requirements of the industry. Each of REA JET’s coding and marking offerings are ideal for the pallet/wood industry, as each has been tested, proven, and continuously improved upon.

No matter the scale of the project, the timber material, or the strictness of regulations, REA JET has a trusted solution to meet your specific needs.