Is downtime a concern when starting a new plant? It doesn’t have to be.

At the start of a new mill or plant, the maintenance department is often the most burdened in the process. They’re tasked with ensuring that all equipment is running smoothly and safely, and that costs are kept low. But because equipment is often brand new and hasn’t been used yet, maintenance crews may have little training or preparedness for what to do if things do go wrong.

This makes maintenance a reactive task. Something breaks and a dedicated department or standby team scrambles to figure out how to fix it. Meanwhile, unexpected downtime has cost the new business millions in revenue. Rather than dealing with unnecessary shutdowns and costly equipment repairs months into manufacturing, new mills should consider a prevention strategy that prioritizes zero to low maintenance equipment.

What are the benefits of low maintenance equipment? 

  • Your maintenance team doesn’t have to worry about putting out constant fires, they can focus on long-term improvement projects that save your company time and money
  • Less equipment malfunctions make your company more stable, organized, and secure 
  • Eliminating unnecessary downtime allows for more strategic and planned shutdowns

How can REA JET help? 

We know that starting a new mill is stressful. And we know how much money is on the line when a printer shuts down unexpectedly. That’s why we’ve designed our coding and marking systems to be virtually maintenance free while still consistently delivering clear and precise marking. Our High Resolution printers and Laser Systems are low maintenance by design and are options commonly used on manufacturing lines. When considering a preventative maintenance strategy, REA JET’s technology reduces downtime, lowers costs, and helps keep production running smoothly.