Ceramic printing of particle filters in the automotive industry - lateral view - REA JET CL

Coding of Particle Filters

Definition of Task

  • Ceramic particle filters for the automotive industry are coded with a CO2-Laser while resting in two parallel operating machines

Special Product Specification

  • Code consists of four arrows indicating the flow direction and a data matrix code
  • Data matrix code consists of an automated date field and a six digit counter
  • Date is encoded by the julian day and two digits indicating the year
  • Counter is initialized each day
  • Since the ceramic material reacts by showing a black color change, the data matrix code is printed as positive
  • Next to the data matrix code its content is printed as a readable alphanumerical code

REA JET Solution

  • 2x REA JET CL CO2 Laser Systems, 25 Watt

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Customer has chosen the REA CL laser system for its high print image quality and for the reason of printing indelible marks on the ceramic filters
  • Especially the automotive sector products are exposed to extreme environmental conditions for several years and still have to meet the tough traceability requirements which are mandatory in this industrial sector