Beverage Can Shortage -- If You Can Get Them, We Can Mark Them

The last several years have shown a progressive shift to aluminum cans as the preferred packaging for beverages, from beer to seltzer to kombucha. In 2020, likely due to the pandemic and the necessity for off-premise beverage sales, this shift has turned into a spike manufacturers can’t keep up with. Demand is surpassing supply at a record pace, and can manufacturers are operating at capacity with no easy solution to increase production.

Brewers and beverage producers have been advised to monitor their inventory levels closely to give manufacturers enough lead time. Small beverage companies relying on aluminum for their casing needs have been given the back seat to larger producers, as it’s easier for manufacturers to print quickly when they don’t have to change labels. 

With a higher demand for cans and a need to produce labels quickly, it’s more important than ever for can manufacturers to use the right printing systems. REA JET’s flexible printing solutions are able to offer clear coding and marking on a wide range of beverage packaging. In a time when speed and precision are of the essence, REA JET printers are up to the task.