An Optimistic Outlook for the Aluminum Industry Post Covid

COVID-19 has proved to be a pivotal moment for all manufacturers across the world and industries everywhere have had to adapt to evolving customer expectations. For the aluminum industry in particular, an emphasis on ESG performance has pushed the industry into a new growth phase. Customers are demanding responsibly sourced steel that has minimal impact on the environment, and because of aluminum’s myriad of sustainability and cost benefits, it has become a material of choice. While other industries may see a long-term setback from COVID-19, the aluminum industry is predicted to thrive. 

Aluminum is the most recycled and recyclable of all materials, and 75% of all aluminum produced to date is still in use today. The sustainability benefits of aluminum alone are enough to increase consumer demand for the material post-COVID, as it meets an evolving need for environmentally-friendly and lower carbon-impact products. What does this look like for the industry’s future? A recent report by global independent research analysts, CM Group, revealed that global aluminum demand is expected to reach 298 million tons per year by 2050.

As aluminum production continues to increase, REA JET’s technology can ensure your coding and marking needs are met. Our Small Character Inkjet Printer enables contact-free printing on smooth surfaces, including foils, laminates, and metals and its high speed and short drying time make it an efficient solution in times of high-demand production. As the aluminum industry bounces back and thrives post-pandemic, REA JET looks forward to being part of your growth.