Laser Systems - FL

Fiber laser marking systems are part of the solid-state laser group. The laser beam is created in a diode-activated optical fiber. The REA JET FL is suitable for permanent the marking of metal and plastic surfaces. The marking with codes, texts, numbers or logos may even take place on oily, corroded or above 1000°C hot surfaces.

Product Details

  • Laser Unit: FL 20, FL 30, FL 50
  • Integrated Pilot Laser
  • Laser power: 20W, 30W, 50W
  • engraving and annealing metals
  • color inscription of untreated and with additives doped plastics
  • day and night design
  • coated substrates
  • stand-alone manual workstation
  • the compact system is a convenient and easy to operate solution in low volume production to permanently mark products, for example with logos, product information, dimensions and codes for traceability
  • all-in-one solution of laser protection class 1
  • suitable for both laser technologies, the REA JET CL CO2 Laser as well the REA JET FL Fiber Laser