Wood and Timber

Direct marking of wood and timber

The natural material wood always has a beautiful effect on us. However, at some point any board, every chipboard and every laminated wood needs to get produced or processed. Under heaviest conditions. Surfaces and edges need to be marked in spite of dust, head, cold and strands. Reliably, every day. Best-known producers of wooden pallets for the construction industry have been using REA JET technology for years. Why? Because it works!


Areas of application

  • CE marking of wood
  • Coding of planed glue wood
  • IPPC marking of pallet blocks
  • Wood-grading of planed wood
  • Marking and coding on timber beams
  • Tree trunk marking
  • Large logo print on a stack of timber
  • Marking of blockhouse profiles
  • Chipboard coding


Applications and Products

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